String Quilt… for a boy!

String Quilt :: BOY!

Today, we took most of the fabric I could use for a boy project and cut strips and made a string quilt pillow for Alexandre. The kids helped with this one — and loved it. Especially the ‘glue fabric on paper’ part — and then of course the ‘rip the paper away part’. I am really loving this string quilting!

Alexandre really loves his new pillow… I LOVE that it’s so rewarding right now to sew for either of them!

My first string quilt pillow this week was from strips of a fabric set I bought, six fabrics of a collection. So far I’ve made a purse & a child messenger bag with it – but really, it’s “new” fabric. This quilted top was more fun to me because It’s random remnants… It’s got bits of 2 halloween costumes, a puzzle box, our summer beach blanket & my sister’s lunch bag!

String Quilt :: BOY!
:: most of the blues + greens I have… seriously need to stash up on boy-ish fabrics!

String Quilt :: BOY!

String Quilt :: BOY!

String Quilt :: BOY!
:: Alexandre, pulling the paper off…

String Quilt :: BOY!

String Quilt :: BOY!

String Quilt :: BOY!
:: Elizabeth & Alexandre’s pillows on the chair between their beds…

Finally, since I’m on the topic of sewing for boys — have you seen Rae & Dana’s blogs this month – dedicated to this exact subject? They’re fantastic — I think somebody needs to start a blog that is ONLY dedicated to this, year round!


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