A fairy tale Halloween…

The Princess & the Frog.

the Princess & the Frog

the Princess & the Frog

the Princess & the Frog

The princess idea came from attending a summer wedding… My daugther fell in love with princessy things that day — which I realize are very age appropriate, but she hadn’t been exposed to princesses really before then… The dress is an old bridesmaid dress that’s been in the family (one of my aunts wore it and my sister wore it in the 90s too) for years and years (i’m thinking 30+) and it was transformed into a dress that will hopefully fit for a few years of imaginative play

The dress in it’s previous form…
The princess dress: BEFORE

the Princess

the Princess

The Princess

Testing it’s twirlability
Testing the Twirlability.

The frog is a frog that nearly wasn’t. Last Thursday (yes, 2 days before halloween) I was working frantically on this costume. My goal had been to make the frog from the Simplicity Halloween Costume But after going to FOUR stores that could have had the pattern – it was no where to be found (my husband did 3 of the stores on a lunch break for us!) There were more stores to check, but no more time. Going at it free hand was the only solution — and frankly once I got started, I was scared. I thought that we might actually have to buy my son a costume from a store somewhere — and where oh where would I find a frog costume? (although on that day he decided he might be a monkey after all – so I could have probably convinced him to wear his monkey costume from last year — but a monkey and a princess? would have made for a slightly disapointed mama…)

If I do say so myself, it turned out nicely. I had very good intentions on making him feet — but something ended up having to give with the time I had to work on this – and so it was the feet – and I’m ok with it. He still looked like a frog 🙂

The Frog

and the nice pumpkin work of my husband with the kiddos..
THE pumpkin

Now to find a fantastic book version of the frog & the princess for Santa to bring…


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