String Quilting…

I’ve been wanting to try a string quilt block since I read Ashley’s (film in the fridge) String Quilt Block Tutorial a while back… I love (love!) her blog and her quilts are stunning! I’m planning to make 2 quilts for the kids fourth birthday in October — and I know I have to start soon. I’ve spent hours and hours browsing for fabrics… I find that for Alexandre there’s so little available it’s actually finding it… and for Elizabeth there’s SO much available the choice is difficult to make… I’m currently very much liking Riley Blake’s wheel collection for Alexandre or this line of fabrics coming out next month — but being that it’s organic, it might not be feasible financially… for Elizabeth maybe Midwest Modern in Sunset by Amy Butler — but really, i’m still just browsing!

I also need to figure out HOW i will be quilting it — and how to figure out how much material to buy for each quilt top.. I guess that’s why people buy patterns for these things!! I do think I might make Elizabeth’s a string quilt. We’ll see.

Here is the cushion I quilted this morning… I simply made it into a slip cover and stuffed in an old pillow we had!

string quilt
:: before they were trimmed to 6 1/2 inch square each (sewn on paper!)

string quilt
:: still rigid from the paper

string quilt
:: sewn together, paper removed!

string quilt
:: back of the pillow. It’s Elizabeth’s favorite fabric from this set… I “quilted it” with a white piece of cotton so that we couldn’t see the pillow through the fabric…

string quilt
:: pillow, before

string quilt
:: on the chair, in their room.


3 thoughts on “String Quilting…

    • Merci pour la note Nathalie — je ne sais pas pourquoi la photo n’tais pas disponible… je l’ai ajout a nouveau et on dirait que tout marche bien en se moment!! sinon, sur flickr (en cliquant les photos) tu devrais pouvoir la voir. Merci de me l’avoir dis! Annie

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