About me/A propos…

My name is Annie and I am a mostly crunchy mama of (2) five year olds and a one year old baby trying to keep afloat and making an effort for everyday to be about at least a little more than survival!

I’m also making an effort to feed MY soul  in order to be a better mama to my children — and that means using my hands for crafty things — and I’m hoping to use this blog to share 🙂

I am a professional portrait photographer. I capture Children and their People. Relationships. On black and white film. (remember film?)

This blog is ment to be a source of inspiration to myself — because life gets chaotic — and this will ground me and bring me back to what I’m passionate about! Because I use this blog for inspiration for myself (as well as others, hopefully!) I make a concious effort to share the happy stuff. the good stuff. The heartwarming stuff…. All truth and all rosy. Not what life is really like all the time, but the stuff I want to document for inspirational purposes.


10 thoughts on “About me/A propos…

  1. Hi Annie, I just read your ABOUT ME and it’s like a mirror to me. I began my blog late this fall in the way, as you said, to ground myself. I also discover the amazing source of inspiration of all the womens who manage blogs:: mamas, crafters…

    I speak french and at this time of the day my concentration is low… so I’ll comeback to read you and be inspiring by your regard to life. cl

  2. Salut Catherine –
    Merci pour la note 🙂 Tu peux m’écrire en français (je suis francophone/bilingue!)


  3. Hi Annie – great blog, I’m really enjoying reading it. I’m checking out your crafty stuff, very inspiring.

  4. Hello! We really enjoyed your blog and have made it one of this week’s “Friday’s Fantastic Five” selections. Granted, we don’t have surges of traffic as we only recently launched, but hopefully we can provide you with some well-deserved exposure.

    Anyhow, you can read our little review snippet at http://www.wombtobloom.com/blog and we wish you the best! 🙂

    Greg & Heather

  5. Just wanted to pop and and say hi! As a mother of twins too, I “get it”. Mine are almost 7 now and Im really starting to enjoy how special a gift two little people at once really is.

    Much love to you!


  6. Bonjour Annie..
    I just came upon this wonderful blog of yours…
    Your lovely pics of kids & stories into your lives..I feel as if i’m part of it..
    You make it seem so easy to share feelings & thoughts with the unknown..
    I’ll keep coming back for updates..
    Good Luck to you all with #5 ..

  7. Allo ma cousine! J’adore ton blog et tes photos. J’aimerais te donner un “Liebster award” comme quelqu’un m’a donné! J’espère que ça te fera autant plaisir que moi de le recevoir! Tu peux visiter mon blog pour plus d’info! xxx

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