Ten things I love right now…

::The way Elizabeth says “s-W-ilk” instead of silk.. And Alexandre calls them “s-L-ilks”. All day, everyday!

:: How Elizabeth sometimes exclaims “bonne année” when she means to say “bonne idée!” (translation: she says happy new year instead of good idea!)

:: “Maman… My guitar is broken: it makes noise, not music…”

:: Cariboo, the board game. The kids really love this game my sister got them for Christmas.

:: Marbles. A fail safe mood-changer in out home. They love this track/ marble system. (we have the basic set)

:: That while I was fighting my cold last week Alexandre told me a few times to take cinnamon, it makes everything better.

Babywearing Seamus
:: Kids Babywearing…

:: How “we wish you a merry christmas” and “happy birthday” are sung daily in our home…

reversible messenger bag for 5yr old

reversible messenger bag for 5yr old
:: This reversible bag I made Talia (who is almost 5)…

:: My incredibly-expressive-hockey-player/goalie-pijama-wearing-menu-planning-grocery-list-making little helper.


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