A tutorial: Easy Fabric Box

Fabric Box for toys

I’ve been meaning to make something to hold puzzle pieces in our toy shelf. The baskets we have are rigid and the pieces don’t fit in it… so I wanted something “soft” that could accomodate any size & shape of toys as long as they fit in the cubby of the toy shelf.

Fabric Box: finished product

Fabric Box for toys

And so I made this reversible fabric box. I’ve found many patterns/intructions for a sewn bottom basket/box – and wanted a simpler project (one I knew I wouldn’t possibly mess up while being helped by 2 kiddos on a rainy day!) and so I came up with this and thought i’d share.

This is very much a beginner’s project.

Fabric you’ll need:
20″x26″ of each Exterior Fabric, Lining Fabric & Canvas.

(this could easily be done with fat quarters (18×22)… I wanted to make one with that size as well, but I’m currently out of canvas!

. Cut your three fabrics to size (in example: 20″ by 26″)

[Since I didn’t have one piece of canvas large enough I made one the right size by sewing 2 pieces together. I think a large overlap would have been nice to have a sturdier finished project but I didn’t have enough canvas!]
Fabric Box: Making a large enough piece of canvas

. Baste canvas to exterior fabric of choice, right side facing out. Use 1/4″ seam allowance.
Fabric Box: fabric + canvas sewn together

. Fold new exterior + canvas piece together, right sides facing. (folded piece to measure 20″ by 13″). Use 1/2″ seam allowance.
Fabric Box: fold fabric+canvas in half and sew both sides

. Press seam open

. On corner, mark at 9″ for bottom of ‘box’.
Fabric Box: Measure 9" for bottom of box

. Sew the 9″ line
Fabric Box: Sew corner of box

. Repeat for other side of box.

. Cut corner fabric
Fabric Box: cut corner of box

. Repeat last 6 steps for lining piece making sure to leave a 2 1/2″ opening on one of the sides (high enough for the bottom corner not to impact the opening)
Fabric Box: corner cut

. Turn lining right side out. Insert into other piece (canvas+exterior), right sides facing & pin in place making sure to line up side seams.
Fabric Box: Insert lining right sides facing

. Sew at 1/2″ from top edge of box (1/2″ is important so that you don’t see your basting of canvas + exterior fabrics)
Fabric Box: Stiched exterior + interior together

. Turn piece inside out.

. Press edge of box/basket. (you can also top stitch this if you’d like). I fold the top of mine down over the sides.

. Finish by hand sewing the gap in lining.

. Place toys inside box!


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