Silly Birds on Bird TV.

silly birds

My husband installed a new bird feeder on our back deck a few feet from our dinning table just before the holidays. There are birds at it ALL THE TIME. It’s incredibly active which is fabulous. Best of all, it brought the blue jays back to our yard (they had left for what I suspect a better feeding ground because they are never around our other feeders, yet when we have corn cobs out they’re all over them!) We get a mix of birds, it’s really lovely. I call it bird TV because we often stop what we’re doing and simply observe.

silly birds
[captured on christmas eve…]

Last week Elizabeth and I were sitting accross the room and reading a book (or so I thought) when I hear her exclaim “PAPA!! move!! I CAN’T SEE THE BIRDS!!” oh, we weren’t into the book at all!

The funniest that happens on our bird tv are these silly birds. So silly, it becomes almost interactive. The giggles are numerous.

silly birds
These birds flutter to our window as if to say hello — or perhaps because they would like to come in… but never hit the window (though at times flirt with it so that we can hear it, but never a ‘bang’ of hitting a window like is known to happen.) The birds can go from the feeder to our window like this one every minute or so for long periods of the day… I grew up with a feeder a few feet from patio doors and while we’d get the occasional bird hit the window with a large bang — i’ve never seen this.

silly birds
I was wondering what to write on our chalkboard the other day and the kids said “write SILLY BIRDS!!” that’s how much entertainment these birds can bring to our days!

Now that I’ve written all that, I’m wondering — has anybody seen this before? I used to think that our wood peckers were ‘silly’ because they would peck on our metal eavestroughs but then I found out that apparently, that’s a mating call of sorts…


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