39 weeks – a few photos.

maternity - 39 weeks
Ever since finding out I was due in the thick of winter I’ve been thinking it would be nice to have photos in fluffy snow — I’ve been dreaming of family photos of this sort for a LONG time, so really, it was no surprise that I would want maternity photos like this.

I have been so unwell that I had given up the idea — though in the last few days the fog of the latest cold has lifted and I’ve started to think that I might regret NOT having a few photos captured before the baby comes. The baby that I had somewhat hoped we’d have met by now. Mostly in a ‘my body is needing a break from this pregnancy’ kind of way.

Thankfully, the fluffy snow started falling again (we were almost out of snow all together) and my husband took a few snaps of me — with very little complaining! (it’s not his favorite thing to do.)

And here are a few maternity photographs — while I wait for my film to be developed (in a few months time I should be able to process same day in MY darkroom!) My film will not be ready until sometime after the baby comes and more photographs are captured.

maternity - 39 weeks
the snow is in focus here. not me. and still, i love it.

maternity - 39 weeks
I think my favorite. in the backyard. often in January there’s a whole lot more snow on the ground than what we see here…

maternity - 39 weeks

maternity - 39 weeks

maternity - 39 weeks

** the vest is my kool-aid dyed yarn turned into a Shallom last winter. It doesn’t fit right (at all) but I still wear it for warmth… and the hat is Robyn’s Egg Blue Hat that I knit two winters ago. The hat was mostly used to cover my hair that really really needed to be hidden! though it turns out I really like the hat in the photos!


11 thoughts on “39 weeks – a few photos.

  1. Beautiful. Beautiful you. Bravo d’avoir pris le temps de prendre ces photos, tu n’auras pas de regrets. Je lis bien 39 semaines!!! Bon accouchement!!! Je penserai à toi. 4.

  2. Those are great photos!

    I am 32 weeks pregnant at the moment and knitting a Shalom for myself, hoping that it may grace my shoulders yet this pregnancy. We shall see…

    • you can do it!! it’s a quick knit (i found!) you should be able to wear it shortly 🙂 Enjoy the third trimester…

  3. Annie- you look beautiful! I love the last picture for the fun in it, but love the ones of you all in white….those will be so nice to have in years to come.
    I’m glad to read you’re feeling better- I had a cold/cough when I was pregnant with C and C, and it was so hard- bad enough to feel sick- but I also felt like I was going to cough them right out! Best wishes for your upcoming birth…Fiona

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