The buttons are sewn…

the bags are packed…
I’m getting somewhat impatient, even though I KNOW that the baby might be another 2 weeks. I know this, yet I am praying we get to meet the baby sooner than that!

Small Things Romper
isn’t this one of the most adorable baby knit EVER? well, MY most adorable baby knit ever, I would say! I’m dying to knit more of this same outfit, but at the same time would prefer to wait until after I’ve met the baby…. which will hopefully be soon!

While organizing my ‘creative’ space yesterday I found 4 skeins of Cascade 220 that I forgot I had ordered… (in a large order of other yarns that i have not forgotten about!) I felt like a kid at christmas… though of course I’m stumped as to what to knit with it. I think i’d make another one of these outfits — if it didn’t look almost exactly the same (it’s the non superwash version of basically the same colourway..) I’m never stumped as to what to knit… I might skip it and use some of my linen/cotton to knit a larger Milo vest… oh the possibilities… have I mentioned how much I can’t wait to meet our baby?


5 thoughts on “The buttons are sewn…

    • those were my EXACT thoughts when I first saw this pattern… I think I bought it the week I found out we were expecting! haha.

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