Where you can (now) find me.

Wow – I haven’t blogged here since the end of JUNE. and even then, it was sporadic at best. It’s been a challenging fall/winter — but so far, health wise, I seem to have turned a corner as we changed the calendar into 2014. I’m working (very) hard at keeping my health in check – and am looking forward to getting back to blogging. Only not here. For now, I will be blogging in my space, what was once only my professional space. I have a new website and a new blog — with a first blog post written on Valentine’s Day. (it took me that long to figure out all the technical background work to make it all link up properly. have I mentioned lately that I do not miss my IT profession?)

Please follow me over there, I’d love to see familiar readers! In return, I hope to return to reading your blogs too, if you’re a blogger!

Happy February,


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