We’re weekending quite slowly this week (instead of the race morning I thought i’d have! hoping taking it easy will see me returning to running sooner rather than later). Garden work for those of us who can. Bread making for others. Visiting with friends & family. Mud-kitchen-playing, in a white dress. I woke up the the sound of play coming through the windows – the older two already enjoying the sunshine while Juliette and I were still in bed.

It’s a summer week-end in early May. We’ll take it.

Also, I wanted to share this here — if you have a second to watch this video, I would be thankful. This lovely woman is one of my cousins (and by one of, you’ll need to understand that I have about fifty!) but she’s incredible in her love of life — and in her love of my children. And it’s mutual. My three kids adore her. They love that she has a yoga mat with her, everywhere she goes. They love that she will spend time with them when they see each other. When we visit my parents they always ask if she’ll be around. and if not WHEN could they please see her. They love her!

So please, oh please, click on this video and have a laugh with her. Every click helps get her closer to the possibility of winning 1500$ towards her yoga teaching tuition for this summer. She also blogs at The Bliss Project Blog about “Trying new things, living out loud and being amazing!”


One thought on “Weekending.

  1. Annie, thank you for this. For sharing the video, but also for your wonderful words. I do love your kids, they are some of my favourite people in the whole world. You too! You’re such an awesome mom and I hope to be as amazing as you are when I have kids. xxx

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