Elizabeth & Juliette are going to be flower girls at the end of April for their aunt and uncle. They can’t wait. Elizabeth talks of dancing the night away while Juliette talks of her pretty dress and sparkly new shoes.

But they don’t have dresses yet. I had figured it all out — having basically carte blanche for creation. I was going to make a simple top + bubble skirt. I love bubble skirts on little ones – and haven’t made the girls any yet. I was taking measurements of Elizabeth – I had figured out yardage I needed and everything — when she says ‘no mama. I need it to be LONG.’ Uh-oh. LONG + Bubble wasn’t at all the look i was going for (cause unless it hits the floor — it doesn’t work. and frankly, while she might be ok in a long-to-the-floor dress, her two year old sister is absolutely not!) And so the dress was scrapped. Back to the drawing board. Not a problem.

A few days later we went shopping — hoping to find Alexandre shoes (cause he’s the ring bearer. well, regardless, he would need shoes I suppose!) and we saw a lovely summery bubble dress. large loud print — but the design of the dress was what I had in mind. ‘See Elizabeth… this is what it would look like!’ … pause … ‘but Mama… IT WON’T TWIRL!!!’

AH HA! She doesn’t need a “long” dress. She needs a twirl-able dress. Makes PERFECT sense. As the bride herself said ‘how could we have overlooked twirl-ability??’


And so she shall twirl. A circle skirt. As twirl-able as they come Elizabeth. I drafted the pattern — and made her an Easter dress as a test. I’ll make Juliette one as well. My sister came over last night and asked if their dresses were yellow for the wedding. ‘Oh no, this is for Easter. This is the trial run. For the wedding I will splurge on actual fabric, not bed sheets!’ But oh how this bedsheet looks good on her, wouldn’t you agree? (for the record, this is a bedsheet that’s been used once as a photographic backdrop. never on beds. Not that I would care at all if it had been used – but I thought i’d share — in case you run into my daugther and you have issues with using bed linens for clothes. it’s crisp + new. Though wouldn’t it also look fabulous in soft vintage floral sheets? Oh yes! Must find some.)


6 thoughts on “Twirl-ability.

    • yes! I’ve commented too how funny it is that this is their ‘easter dresses’ when realistically — they typically wear ‘whatever looks nice and spring like that they currently have in their drawers because I can’t fathom buying dresses (or clothes) for easter when they have SOOO much’ 🙂

  1. Hey there, I came by from the Mariposa Forest webpage and wanted to let you know I was shocked and giggled when I read your “story sample”…my daughter’s name is Alora. I have never come across her name spelled that same way and I shared the story with her. She was really happy that there is a fairy with the same name and spelled the same way!

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