Snowshoeing from our house.

Somedays everything seems perfect — we get dressed, jump in our snoeshoes and play follow the leader. sometimes for 10 minutes. sometimes for an hour. sometimes in the glorious sunshine, sometimes in the near darkness. Somedays it’s quite perfect.

But somedays…. it takes us an eternity to get dressed with winter clothes (forget actual clothes, on this day many were wearing pjs under their snowsuits.) it takes even longer to strap on the snowshoes. and equaly as long to contain the 2 year old to the sleigh you deem the best to follow through the snowy path. then you set out and seconds later turn direction and realize the wind is chilly and have to stop and adjust three or four hats and hoods and such. and perhaps resit a toddler in said sled. Then you’re back on your way. With two littles that insisted in walking on the road in snowshoes instead of bringing and strapping before entering deep snow. You deal with whinny children that are done half way through the short walk because it’s true: walking on the cleaned road with snowshoes is exhausting. You manage to reach destination. Everybody is hot because while it’s the middle of winter, it’s like a perfect spring day (minus the random gusts of winds but you’ve turned again and the wind is gone.) You strap on your snowshoes while the kids break the snowbank to get to the path. Then, with snowshoes on you attempt to put toddler back in the sled (this i’ve discovered is quite challenging.) You manage to hike her on the snowbank and set the older two up to catch sled and child. success. You climb over, not so gracefully. and you think all is good in the world, snowshoeing will fix the chaos that seems to have been the adventure this far.



Except it turns out you picked the wrong sled. entirely. You walk a few meters and the fourth time the toddler drops backwards in the snow you call it quits. You decide she can stay there, we can take a short short walk in snowshoes and head home. The older two decide at this point that they’d rather just sit with her. and so you take a short (oh so short) walk with the camera of course — which was a silly silly thing to bring on said adventure – especially without a bag! snap a few photographs — in the bright sun and crazy white snow at high noon (yes. it really should have stayed home!) walk back to the children who insist I can keep going but alas, it’s half an hour past lunch at this point and the littleless one needs a nap. And we haven’t made it home yet.


The three in snowshoes remove them (well, you remove three pairs of snowhoes from all feet involved) and because the toddler insists on walking home, you pile all the snowshoes (and mits at this point) into the sled, which is fabulous on the road. The extra keen child wants to pull and it lasts for 40 seconds. So you pull the sled and 40 seconds later said toddler needs to be carried of course. so now you’re pulling a full sled and carrying a todller in snow gear. all the way home which invovles climbing a hill.



Sometimes snowshoeing is like a dream. Where you think nothing quite compares to being deep in a forest, quiet & peaceful. and sometimes, it’s the exact opposite. I suppose the same could be said about many things in life!


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