Ten things I love right now.

ten things i love right now
1. How much Juliette talks. It’s incredible for a not-quite-two-year-old. Stories and songs, all day long.

2. How Juliette calls Elizabeth and Alexandre. Elizabeth is normally beebee. And most recently babeth. Alexandre has been aille-aille since she could speak. It was one of her first words.

3. Putting the house back in order after after Christmas. I took frames off the walls for the first time since they went up years ago. I have grand plans for new displays and thought they might not go back until it all got figured out and changed. In the interest of the safety of these expensive pieces they went back up in their spots. Turns out I love them a whole lot!! I’m still planning on changing things up but for right now, I appreciate them as is as well.

4. Appropriate winter running pants for the first time ever. It’s lovely to not loose feeling in one’s thighs while running.

ten things i love right now
5. Bookworms in the making. She can sit with chapter books for ages… And hasn’t learned to read yet.

6. How much Alexandre loves hockey.

ten things i love right now
7. Spiderman.

ten things i love right now
8. Keri Smith and Santa. After asking for this every year for a few years, it came 🙂 my husband cringes as I doodle in a book 🙂 and crack spines and such.

ten things i love right now
9. Soup. Especially the immersion blender kind. That means it takes 2 seconds to chop veggies for it 🙂

10. How everytime somebody gets hurt Juliette comes running ‘lemme kiss!!’ … ‘all bedder???? All bedder??’ she also love to ask ‘lemme help!!’ or ‘lemme do!!’


3 thoughts on “Ten things I love right now.

  1. Bonne année Annie.
    Comme toujours, c’est fabuleux de te lire. Félicitations pour tes accomplissements personnels et professionnels. Bonne route pour deux mille treize. J’essaierai d’être plus présente sur mon blogue mais de grands changements sont en cours de mon côté pour une belle année gratifiante. ciao. Catherine

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