One Word :: 2013

As years past, I’m setting ONE word for the year. The past few years have seen the words LESS (2012), PASSION (2011), HABIT (2010), STILLNESS & HOPE (2009).

I’ve been thinking about this for the past few weeks. More actively in the last week. And even more so while running over the past few days. It’s the sort of thing that just pops in your head while you run… I had a list of contenders — and all of a sudden, clear as day, I thought …


synonyms: prosper – flourish – succeed – blossom

Seems perfect for 2013. It’s going to be a big year. I think our biggest adjustment year since having children. We will enter the world of public education for the first time, and it scares me. But I shall aim to thrive through it.

Most importantly, I need to Thrive in business so that it can support the life we want. I need to balance home + work, otherwise the work will need to change – and I have a deep deep comitment to my art. I need to work hard so that Mariposa Forest can grow. We’ve got such a fabulous thing going — and we both want to see it soar.

I also need to Thrive in many other aspects. Physically. Emotionally. Domestically…

It’s a fabulous word. One that makes me think of Karen Carey – with her Thrive Workshop – and her no bullshit sort of business attitude. To be reminded that my one word for the year is THRIVE throughout the year can only be a good thing.
Do you pick one word? what’s yours? share!


2 thoughts on “One Word :: 2013

  1. Thrive seems a good word for the year – it comes across as very proactive, an energising sort of word. I’m still working on my New Year’s intentions but I suspect they will be best summed up as “be the best me I can be but don’t beat yourself up if it doesn’t always work out as planned”. Is there a single word that means all of that?

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