Slow(er) Holidays

We are still in holiday mode in our home — a lovely slow paced holiday mode. I have successfully – at least for this year – slowed the holidays down. In November, I mentioned trying to find balance before the holidays — and I very much found my holiday balance.


I decided weeks ago that I would not be making gifts into the wee hours of the night this year. Sleep deprivation has been rampant in these parts — and I knew something had to go. It felt odd when I found myself knitting MYSELF a hat in December. Almost like I was cheating on my christmas crafting. I had decided last year that our baking would be done the week prior to christmas and nothing would be doubled. Sugar is an issue amongst a little one in our family — and so I have to do what I can to try to avoid what is often too much sugar at this time of the year. I manage as best I can when we go out — and I need our home to be a safe zone for this sort of thing. This will for certain be a new tradition – at least while the kids are little – that cookies and treats are only made the week before christmas.


It meant other things as well. It meant finding myself on the treadmill on Christmas Eve — contemplating the obsessiveness of it and deciding that it was in fact more a celebration of the 50lbs I’ve lost this year. It meant putting the todo list aside and spending all our quiet time reading christmas stories instead of trying to catch up on cleaning or other todo list. It meant handing out 4x6s to family and friends with a few random instagram photos on it of our family this year, instead of mailing christmas cards to everybody. (even though I COMPLETELY forgot to hand them out at one of our family parties and therefore missed a whole lot of people!) It even meant taking a whole five days to completely decorate our christmas tree.

it even meant taking time to create a holiday canvas — I’ve been wanting one for years.

In this process, I have finally FULLY embraced the concept that it’s not what you have time to accomplish, but where you choose to spend that time. I have stopped telling myself – and others – that I do NOT have time (even when I feel like that.) Instead, I use the words ‘I did not make time for…’ or something similar. We all have 24 hours. It’s how we choose to spend our time that matters. Even when it seems to almost always feel like I am short on time. I’m working hard on trying to do the same with my views of money. it’s not the money we have or not have – but the decisions of where we choose to spend said money.


Erin shared her need for slower holidays and introduced the instagram tag #slowholidays. How perfect in timing I thought. My goal exactly, pioneered by somebody who has a much larger following. I’m in. and so I shared our s l o w h o l i d a y making and being. And I admired others doing the same. And was inspired at times to s l o w d o w n even more. or simply reminded me to slow down.

I hope to document this a little more. so I can pull it up next November to encourage s l o w h o l i d a y s again. and again. and again.

How were your holidays?


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