Stepping out.

Sometimes, stepping out of daily routine is so refreshing. Even if stepping into a busy city is how it’s done. To think that I could have a mini getaway in the heart of a busy city and come home feeling refreshed is slightly mind boggling to my ‘need nature and quiet’ sort of personality. But it’s just what we did last week week. We took our very first family train trip (oh how I remember train travelling to be of the relaxing / read a book variety… now, it’s much more of an adventure!) Five people in four facing seats for a total of 9 hours round trip. Many subway trains. Even a bus and a street car. It was in and out, hand holding and a few ergo switch when Juliette would decide it was time to change backs.



We were in Toronto for the Santa Claus parade — and I found it funny how odd it was to be there. present. in person. It’s an annual tradition to watch the parade on tv. it’s a finger food in front of the tv sort of dinner. In our home now that is the only time the kids watch television (other than the odd few minutes of hockey — but there has been no hockey for months with the lockout!) but this year — we skipped the finger food and saw the parade in person. steps away from Auntie Nina & Uncle Joe’s appartment. I’m not sure we’ll catch the parade live again as it would be quite hard to top this year’s weather… it was so warm, jackets were optional. Unseasonably warm, even for Toronto. I did wonder if the parade would feel overly commercial — but I realized quickly when I was there that watching it in person is MUCH LESS commercial… nobody is talking about the sponsors at all – other than random children exclaiming what the float might be from (I was clueless on some…)




We had a jam packed week-end — but also lots of time to rest. I’ve slept more in those five days than I had in quite some time. It’s nice to be away from home where there aren’t a thousand tasks to pick from at any given moment. My todo list was forced to wait. My work load on a tiny break. This break made me realize exactly how busy I have been these past few weeks. And while I’m thankful for the work, I think it’s time to work at finding a semblance of balance. The holidays will be here shortly — and I LOVE christmas. I love the slow down that happens at that time of year (yes, clearly AFTER christmas… because the rush before christmas is anything but a slow down — and often times too rushed…) I love family and gatherings. I love friends & food. I love tradition and music. I love decorations and lights – and smells! I just love the holidays… and I know that by Nov. 27th if I haven’t found balance, the rush will rise to a point of chaos and the holidays will be a blur. There are new traditions to iron out. There are gifts to dream up. There are gifts to create. There are gifts to print.


But most importantly, there is time to be spent. together.

we left a list of favorite things… I think we should always do this after a getaway — big or small!

I even took a break from my camera — these were shot with mobile devices — we had the point & shoot that the kids love to use, my ipod and adam’s phone for capturing memories. It’s nice sometimes to be free from the space an SLR takes!


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