two point two
This month is seeing quite a bit of changes in our family. Elizabeth and Alexandre start Kindergarten. TODAY. I’m not sure how that’s possible, and I know that this year is going to go by so fast — I’m trying to soak it in as much as possible instead of thinking it away. We’ve started packing luches for the first time ever. Elizabeth especially loves this part.

I’m returning to my portrait work as a photographer, which for the time being means re-establishing a lot of things and setting myself up for business. While it wasn’t the exact timeframe I had in mind to start working again with Juliette still being so little, I was propelled by external factors — but surprisingly, it all feels so right. I have missed the rush of seeing my work in print. I’m very much looking forward to this next chapter.

And Because of this work, Juliette has also started care, two days a week, accross the street in a lovely home. This was the biggest change. One I had very much not planned on. But I’ve worked as a portrait photographer with two little ones at home and it did not go well for me. Now, with three, I knew that if I was going to attempt this, it was with everything I had or not at all. This was the compromise. She’s loving it and we’ll all be ok.

two point two
Actually, I’m striving for better than ok at this moment. Life is flying by — I better do everything I can to make sure that as it does, we’re getting to where I’m hoping we’re going. Because regardless, time will continue to fly.

two point two

two point two

two point two

two point two

two point two

These photographs were all taken last month (though in looking for them for this post I thought it was not long ago at all — and found them dated aug 13th. more proof that time flies.) on our TWO point TWO km walk as the kids love to call it. From our house, down the hill, around the loop, to the mailbox and returning home the same way is 2.2km. The kids love to measure their walks — especially following my sister running a marathon in New Zealand this past spring. And me signing up for a 5k coming up. they’re all about asking ‘how many KMs was that?’ when we walk somewhere. This two point two is our most walked of walks. and right now it’s colourful. Well, Aug. 13th it was very colourful. This week, it’s dulling down a tiny bit. It’s been cold in our neck of the woods — and that makes me very (very) happy! This summer, this two point two walk was mostly done by bike for the big kids. Juliette walks most of it and typically ends up in the ergo at some point.

two point two
Big changes this fall. We’re ready.


2 thoughts on “Changes…

  1. It is the season for change, it seems! I’ve had job changes, too, and it is starting to feel right for me as well. The equinox is coming soon–a great time to reflect on balance in our lives. Best wishes on continued grace with the big changes this fall brings for you and yours.

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