you can find us at the beach…

Ok, I have so many posts that I’ve either written or though of writting that just hasn’t happen. Like the kids last day of preschool (ever ever ever) on June 21st. Or the garden and the veggies that is growing so wonderfully. Or the sewing I’ve done (ok, that’s not true. I haven’t been sewing or knitting!) … and then life gets in the way and I don’t find time to blog about these things like I want to.

And so for right now, I’m embracing the busy and releasing the extras. I will most likely not blog anything much other than the daily snippets in week increments as I’ve been doing (happy to report that we’ve surpased the halfway mark of the year and I’m still taking a daily photo and sharing a daily thought. With six more months to go, I’m already excited to print my book next January!) and I’ll also share the iPod photo-a-day I’ve been doing (which I’m happy about for the large poster I’ll be printing of the one photo a day through the instagram lens) and hopefully a weekly {this moment} post on Fridays. But that’s it.

The rest? my energy will be at the beach. or in the forest. or in the garden. or under a shaded tree. (or in an air conditioned museum or library. seriously — it has been HOT!)

For now, I leave you with these — our new toy addition. Alexandre is INCREDIBLY happy. His first time out, and he was a pro in no time. Elizabeth mastered it as well — even though she did manage somehow to fall right out — and giggle about it as soon as she hit the water. We also managed to get a check mark on our summertime list with this one!


Even Juliette wanted a turn. Here she’s saying ‘mine’… in time, yes. but please slow down.



even the big kid needed to try it to see ‘what happens if we’re over the weight limit?’ apparently, in this kayak, you sink. though he did humour the 6 and under crowd by falling it… they’re still talking about ‘what happens if papa uses the kayak!’

So for right now, if I’m not around very much… chances are we’re at the beach. and as of next monday we’ll be beaching it with my favorite nephew in the whole-wide-world that will be in Canada from New Zealand for TWO months. I will be making the most of the hands on cuddle time. The kids are SO excited to meet their cousin!


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