Week 25 of 52 { 2012 }

Day 169 :: a lovely day spent outside to celebrate a six year old. Though I’m in denial that she’s six… It means ours are about to be six and that seems crazy.

Day 170 :: he said ‘mama, look at all those buttertarts!!’ while looking at buttercups. Love. One day soon enough these expressions will stop…

Day 171 :: I spent the day dreaming of winter. She made everybody a clay momento to hand out on her last day of preschool ever. Ever. Ever.

Day 172 :: milestones are emotional. So much goodness wrapped up in that small school and it’s people. We are blessed.

Day 173 :: the storm that kept us up much longer than normal all cuddled up made me long for more moments of just sitting. And being. There has been too few of those in the last few weeks. Must hold on to it.

Day 174 :: Officially schedule free as of three pm. Its freeing and scary all at once.

Day 175 :: I ate peas straight from the garden. It’s probably on my to ten favorite things to do. Or eat. Delicious and childhood-memory-inducing.


2 thoughts on “Week 25 of 52 { 2012 }

    • merci Manon! Nous étions prets a partir pour une fête et une amie s’est arrêter en passant dans notre coin donc je lui ai demander de prendre une photo 🙂

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