Week 24 of 52 { 2012 }

Day 162 :: so most of what we wanted to get done this weekend didn’t get done. But stuff we didn’t think we’d get to, did. I have to believe it all evens itself out at some point. I resisted the coconut bliss. Working on will power.

Day 163 :: All day I thought it was Thursday. But it’s only Monday. I think the summer mode has started for my body — though not quite yet for our schedules.

Day 164 :: we celebrated a six year old, back to back days. We’re blessed that way.

Day 165 :: He stopped me in the grocery store to tell me how brilliant it was that I was wearing her. Close to my heart. And that he used to do that as well. Especially for flying. He must have been in his seventies. This minutes after I thought that not much beats skipping with a giggling babe in the ergo on a cool sunny morning.

Day 166 :: I managed to weed all five garden beds. And spend an hour at the beach with the kids. And make a delicious dinner. And run 5.5km. Talk about a productive Thursday.

Day 167 :: Green smoothies and Mac and cheese for dinner. It was that sort of day. I’m thankful that even through her rough patches she’s such a fabulous big sister.

Day 168 :: I feel like the balance between our regular schedule and our summer with a lack of schedule is tipping.


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