Week 23 of 52 { 2012 }

[playing catch up again!]

Day 155 :: I’m feeling lazy by running on the treadmill to avoid the pouring rain. But then I’m reminding myself that I could be not running at all instead.

Day 156 :: I was reminded how with kids you’re forced to keep everything in the moment. Which is good, it helps reduce the over analyzing and over thinking that tends to happen otherwise.

Day 157 :: Painting on my very own – without the kids – made me feel like I was cheating.

Day 158 :: she wrote the grocery list in English and then in French. She said she wrote it in French knowing I love French.

Day 159 :: it was a lovely day. The sort that renews my energy about what we’re doing and our current home learning ways. The sort that also evokes more daydreaming about future home learning adventures.

Day 160 :: A lesson learned in trusting what you know to be true. Must develop a gluten free version of this delicious cake.

Day 161 :: a lazy Saturday. The best sort really.


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