Summertime fun { the planning }

The kids are just about done with their days at their preschool… they go two days a week and this will end their second year there. In September, they’re moving onto a waldorf kindergarten, which we’ve opted for two days a week again to continue our rhythm of home learning (read: playing & extra classes such as swim + ski!) as well.

So in 2 1/2 weeks — they’ll be home, all day everyday — with our other extra curricular activities also coming to an end. While I’m looking forward to the rhythm of summer and the chaos it brings — as well as my sister & nephew visiting for TWO MONTHS! — I also realize that sometimes, a tiny bit of guidance goes quite far. And so I’m trying very hard to plan our summertime fun. So that when summertime hits, it will be easily accomplished — not my typical ways of trying to figure out while I’m knee deep in it. Besides, I’ll be too busy weeding the garden to also be coming up with fun things to do on the fly.

Planning Summertime Fun

First up — this fabulous idea that I’ve seen on Pinterest by Lisa Leonard. I’ve seen many version of this — like this one, a chalk board – and thought ‘that looks great. unfortunately, it would be erased a few days in …’ and so I used Lisa’s idea. Exactly. My initial thoughts were ‘I’m going to make my version of…’ and then I thought ‘this is like when I think i’m going to look at a nice dress and make it. and I don’t. because I don’t have the time and energy to spend ‘thinking it up’. and I get a pattern.’ I saw this as my pattern, my instructions. I did change up the list — naturally. When I discussed OUR list with the kids at breakfast they were SO excited. They wanted to do ‘all those things right now’ — and started talking about how they were going to accomplish some of the items, where they were going to do it and with who. Actually, the who was a huge factor — which was lovely.

Planning Summertime Fun
and the painted final version. I envisioned sharing a photograph of this on our wall — but like many things, it hasn’t happened just yet — and if I wait for said photograph, chances are, nothing will get posted at all. (hence the silence on this blog most often. Daily life DOES happen. Photographs even get snapped. Pulling it all together? that’s another story!)

Second — i’m working on a version of the bored jar (also found via pinterest). But we’re going to call it something like ‘Summer Jar’ or ‘Activity Jar’ — my kids have never (gasp!) used the oh-so-aweful-every-mother-cringes-at-the-thought ‘i’m bored.’ sentence and so I will NOT be introducing the term to them. not now, not ever. I’m pretty sure this isn’t an occurance in my home because I have twins. That play together. Almost always. (and I also think that not watching tv helps here)

so now, i’m working on our list… I’ll write them out on the painted craft sticks shortly — and I think I’ll bring out the jar on their first day ‘after preschool is over. forever.’ (like Elizabeth likes to remind me. ‘We are never ever ever ever going there again (adds sad face for effect) unless we go pick up or drop of Juliette when she goes there. ever mama. that’s a long time.’ Yes, I know. I’m having a tiny bit of an adjustment myself thank-you-very-much. How can they be going into kindergarten? How does this happen? We’re they JUST born??

and you — summer plans?? thoughts on keeping kids busy??


4 thoughts on “Summertime fun { the planning }

  1. I will be making the same board (but different events) as yours and have started writing up the sticks. Why do I have a feeling we will both we involved in the activites of each other’s boards? 🙂 Not that I am complaining.

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