And they’re off! { Mariposa Forest }

Mariposa Forest
Our very first mailing went out yesterday, welcoming children everywhere to Mariposa Forest! A day we’ve dreamed of for months — you know the kind… The sort that feels like it will never (ever) get here and then…. It’s here. Before you know it!

Mariposa Forest
And a quick note to say there’s still time to sign up without missing an issue! Sign up between now and Sunday, June 10th and you’ll be added to our growing mailing list ensuring you’re part of the very beginning of Mariposa Forest! We’d love to have you and your kids on board! For any questions email us at or visit our website!

And to our French readers — we’re soo close to having this available shortly in French! Email us to be on our mailing list for an update of when the stories start mailing in French — just a few weeks away! or email us at

Mariposa Forest
We’re really happy to be on this adventure — and thankful for those who have signed up to receive our stories! so Thank You! The feedback has been really wonderful — and we’re looking forward to watching our idea grow!


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