Week 22 of 52 { 2012 }

all caught up until next week-end, finally!

Day 148 :: I had this overwhelming feeling that we’ll be ok. After all, at their age I didn’t speak English.

Day 149 :: I never tire of watching him looking at books. I so wish I could be inside his head to catch a glimpse of how he deals with the details of each page. He can flip through books with intent for hours. It’s remarquable. imagine when he learns to read?

Day 150 :: I saw my work on walls and it made me want to come home and pick up my camera. But I didn’t. I must commit to capturing them more on film. She had a silly sort of afternoon.

Day 151 :: ran for the first time in way too many weeks. It felt good. I’m going to miss their morning conversations on the way to school shortly. I wonder if they’ll be the same come September. Things change so fast at this age.

Day 152 :: Dinner that gets gobbled up by all family members is a good thing. If only it happened more often…

Day 153 :: I love that they speak of the Robert house, because it was in fact a cottage that was ‘robbed’. Stuff stories are made of — I find it reminds me of an A. A. Milne story.

Day 154 :: The freezing cold weather didn’t keep them out of the pool. All the way home they talked about how they should live closer. So they could swim in their pool. All the time. Then the talk evolved into how many half marathons are we from their house. Finally, she exclaimed that she can run from home to Mexico, in six days while pushing her baby in the stroller. He said it takes him sixty two days.


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