Week 21 of 52 { 2012 }

Day 141 :: Garden planted. Dinner at the beach with friends. Sprinklers. Exhausted dirty kiddos. Summer has arrived.

Day 142 :: The end of a busy productive weekend. We accomplished so much yet it feels like we barely
scratched the surface of the to-do.

Day 143 :: A good workout even though I was half expecting it to be bad. Mind over matter. Repeat to self.

Day 144 :: a change of pace was a welcome change today. I’ve been feeling a little stuck lately.

Day 145 :: Thankful for the beach. And gorgeous evening light. Different parts of my day – but both incredibly needed today.

Day 146 :: He alternates between ‘because I’m smart like that’ and ‘I know… I’m awesome’ everyday, changing it up during the day. A lesson to be certain.

Day 147 :: the best season of all has begun. The eating-from-the-garden season. It’s amazing to watch the kids snack on spinach because they can, anytime they want.


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