{this moment}

{this moment}
{Today marks my 100th moment shared on Fridays. It’s been lovely — thank you for joining in! I thought I’d do something a little different… I captured this photograph of Elizabeth this week at five and a half. With Eloise. in her favorite skirt. and I thought ‘wait, I have a photo of Elizabeth, in this skirt (which was new at the time), putting Eloise in this same stroller from a while ago. Turns out, more than two years ago, at three and a half. Turns out, it was my 9th moment shared as well. (well, a variation of this same photograph). Wishing you and yours a lovely week-end… filled with moments that you want to remember!}

{this moment}
{this one was taken on May 2nd 2010}

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12 thoughts on “{this moment}

  1. wow 100 this moments! how lovely to have a then and now photo! well done, I have done four so far and I am loving it!!!! so nice to be at the top of the comments page and get loads of comments yourself isn’t it?
    have a GREAT weekend,

  2. 100 moments…. wow! Congrats! Love both the pictures. I find myself taking pictures of my little one sometimes and it is a similar moment from my older boy. Or the same outfit. These are precious!!

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