Week 19 of 52 { 2012 }

Day 127 :: I think today’s sunshine finally seems to have reset everybody’s bodies here. Thankful.

Day 128 :: Sitting in the sunshine, with kids giggling and a baby wobbling in the sand is the best part of being at home with the kids. I am reminded of this every spring.

Day 129 :: I did laundry way later than I normally do so that I could wash her pants for school. I knew she’d appreciate it. And when the laundry was done I realize I forgot to put them in the wash.

Day 130 :: clean sheets on a rainy night. All day I wanted to sew something – anything – but didn’t get further than getting some fabrics out.

Day 131 ::He said ‘when you were a baby you were French, right Maman?’ and she said ‘I’m pretty sure when Maman was a baby she spoke like a baby. Not French.’

Day 132 :: mad rush to get out and then I got to spend forty five minutes alone in the sunshine. It’s a weird feeling to just sit and soak it in.

Day 133 :: today was one of those days that picking your very favorite thing seems almost impossible. I’m going with stunning evening light after springtime rain.


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