I’m not ready.

I’m not ready for my baby to be able to play with babies of her own like this. She took the diaper, placed it, sat herself down. Moved her baby onto the diaper. Then picked up the baby and sushed him and kissed him and walked off with him in her arms. She’s 15 months old, it seems so early for me — but that’s probably only because I’m just not ready. She’s my baby. She shouldn’t be growing up soooo fast.





She seems oh-so-ready for her very own doll. how could this be? This mama is just not quite ready to face that fact just yet…. thankfully, she has Seamus & Eloise (and a multitude of others) to play with for the time being. Thankfully.


3 thoughts on “I’m not ready.

  1. Well, Noah said the other day when I told him baby Juliette wouldn’t be at swim, “But Mama, Juliette isn’t a baby, she is big now”. Sorry Annie, she is growing, Noah said so! 🙂

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