Mud kitchen goodness

Mud Kitchen
This is quite possibly the most played with area in our yard. Well, it’s hard to say. Bicycles get a lot of play. The trampolines a lot of jumping. The monkey bars a lot of monkey-ing around. The strollers a lot of strolling. Actually, if I had to pick — the strollers and the wagon probably get the absolute most play.

Mud Kitchen

Mud Kitchen

Mud Kitchen
But the kitchen? Oh how they love to play with mud and/or rocks and water. In pots. Love. I need to set up a place to hold the pots and pans and such — right now they’re just around. Something like this perhaps from Joyful Home? it’s so lovely. They don’t mind – but it would make this play area that much better. At least to this Mama that would then have a spot to ask them to put their dishes away. Besides, washing dishes is also one of their favorite things to do — so a sink might come in handy!

Oh and best of all? All three can play together quite well!

Mud Kitchen
I lied. perhaps best of all is that there is ALWAYS tea. always.

Rhythm of the Home has a fabulous Mud Pie Kitchen article from 2010 as well if you’re interested in reading more on this lovely play topic!


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