Week 18 of 52 { 2012 }

Day 120 :: preparing breakfast last night to pop in the oven first thing this morning made the much-earlier-than-normal-rise more bearable.

Day 121 :: he said ‘mama if tomorrow you’re going to be thirty tree….. You’ll still be young like today, right?‘ yes. Absolutely right.

Day 122 :: I didn’t think I was getting old but then she said something that made me realize I’ve known them for sixteen years. And then I felt old. But the feeling passed quickly.

Day 123 :: seems fitting that we should launch on day 1 2 3…go? of 2012 Here we go. Embarking on a wonderful journey with a friend.

Day 124 :: Funny how knowledge I thought was long gone came flooding back. It felt uneasy somehow that it was still so familiar after so long.

Day 125 :: another change-of-plans sort of day. I would like regular plans to resume.

Day 126 :: she placed the diaper, placed the baby then picked him up, sushed him and kissed him. She was supposed to be sleeping but it was soooo sweet. Melts my heart.


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