Mariposa Forest – an introduction.

Jennifer & I have come together for a wonderful project — and today, we’re releasing it to the universe. We’ve just launched our website* it’s a very exciting day around here!

This project has evolved from discussions of storytelling by Jennifer and their illustrations through my camera. To that, we added our children's love of getting mail of their very own — and the Mariposa Forest was born. We send letters by mail (you know, the sort that requires STAMPS!) twice a month. I love getting mail — my children really love getting mail too. I've always been enamoured by post — I had many penpals growing up — and spent countless hours in elementary school designing personalized letterheads & matching enveloppes for friends. These stories by mail are sure to create a love affair with snail mail if they don't already have it!

My work for this project involves capturing nature in a way that is accessible to children. Basically, take photography, nature + kids — and on any given day those words describe me quite well. It has been refreshing to work on a project of this magnitude. A project that as you can see is quite close to my heart.

Our very first letters will come out mid June — so right now, while Jennifer is busy writting summer stories of the forest creatures, I'm busy dreaming up the images that will be sent to children everywhere depicting summer in this magical forest.

I will keep this post short — and invite you to please visit our website. Like us on Facebook, if you're on facebook. Share with your friends — our stories are written for children from 3-8 years old — though will be enjoyed by families as well. Once you've visited — sign up to recieve our stories — or at the very least, drop us a note or comment here — we're so excited to share this!

Elizabeth, in the springtime forest. Children + Water, ours go very well hand in hand.

*currently english only. le site en français s'en vient. pour démontrer un intérêt, envoyez-moi une note!


11 thoughts on “Mariposa Forest – an introduction.

  1. Merci Manon — c’est dans nos plans 🙂 En attendant, ça pourait etre leurs cours d’anglais?? haha.

  2. Trop bon Annie! Quelle bonne idée! Avertis-moi aussitôt que c’est disponible en français, je vais informer les autres conseillères pédagogiques et enseigantes de CSHBO. Ça va être un succès, j’en suis convaincue.

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  4. WOW, c’est super comme outil pour découvrir le monde de la forêt et la lecture!! Très original!

  5. Je vois que je ne suis pas la première… j’adore le concept… et même si tu ne l’offre pas en français… je crois que je vais le prendre en anglais… Bravo pour cette magnifique initiative! Catherine

  6. Just so you know, I posted a link to the forest on my blog. I think it is a fabulous idea and that is why I got a subscription for my granddaughter.

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