On my thirty third birthday…

33rd birthday
7:11 am. Adam learned to play happy birthday on the guitar for today!

33rd birthday
7:16 am. birthday banners. there’s always birthday banners.

33rd birthday
10:58 am. Obligatory self portrait. This one says ‘I look like I have a horrible cold.’

33rd birthday
12:16 pm. lunch with dear friends. which I realized today I’ve known for sixteen years. it almost seems impossible.

33rd birthday
2:17 pm. pick up one adorable little girl from Grandma & Dzjadek’s. The older two were at school — and I got a rare few hours of time to myself.

33rd birthday
4:01 pm. Obligatory Daffodil Photograph. The symbol of my birthday.

33rd birthday
5:07 pm. Candles on cake + happy birthday sang… before dinner. Not traditional… but I was heading out and wanted the kids to have cake with dinner — not at bedtime.

33rd birthday
5:31 pm. Kettlebell class at the community center. also known as ‘sucker for punishement’/’crazy dedicated if she goes even on her birthday.’

33rd birthday
7:02 pm. sore & home from kettlebell. to a second cake. My parents came down so Adam could help with my dad’s computer — and my mom brought a chocolate quinoa cake — not sure if adam had made one. TWO wheat free cake for my birthday!

33rd birthday
8:34pm. Cake, tea and SILENCE.

a happy birthday indeed!

The only thing missing from today is my annual “all I really want for my birthday is a photograph with my family…” because most of us have colds or some form of something-or-other right now — so I’ll capture it as soon as we’re well. I’ve been prepping Alexandre for said photograph.

{I loved Erin’s post on her 38th birthday, on Sunday, and thought it would be fun to do one similar.}


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