Week 17 of 52 { 2012 }

Day 113 :: It occurred to me that many people trying to loose weight are doing so for swimsuit season. I’m wanting really great snow pants for next winter.

Day 114 :: When I asked him how he could possibly know the rules of her made up game he answered ‘because I’m smart like that.’…

Day 115 :: She said she thought I looked much too young to have three kids. I laughed, I’m not. Not by a long shot.

Day 116 :: I was reminded today that embracing the privilege to be home with my children means I also have to expect days where nothing goes according to plan and I do little more than hold a cranky babe. It’s a package deal.

Day 117 :: I felt like I wanted to pinch myself this morning. It’s a fabulous thing to be able to send your children to a school that is focused on play and the outdoors. Imagine if they could do all their life learning this way?

Day 118 :: she helped prepare dinner while making breakfast and later she made chicken noodle soup for lunch. While she washed the dishes she said it was good I had a baby like her. She’s right.

Day 119 :: he dressed up as spiderman for a birthday party and loved it. It’s quite impressive how much he knows about him when all his knowledge comes from one five year old boy. I played the photographer.


4 thoughts on “Week 17 of 52 { 2012 }

  1. Love this post. And the last one…about Spiderman…that is my son too. A bit obsessed and he has absolutely no exposure other than what one other peer says at preschool??!!

    • absolutely. that’s exactly what it is for Alexandre — and honestly — I haven’t met anybody else who’s had this — most kids are just exposed in general. it’s actually quite remarquable I find….

      • My kids are so sheltered from this stuff, which perhaps is why the exposure results in obsession? I don’t know. We don’t even have a TV anymore, not that they ever watched it. Spiderman wouldn’t be so awful (he helps people after all) if it were not so totally commercialized. Funny thing is friends gave my son a Spiderman costume hand me down and he loves it. I don’t have the heart to take it away. I figure if I embrace it a little, it might go away faster!

      • precisely. I have nothing against spiderman, it’s very much the over commercialized aspect I don’t like. The aspect that my son loves sooo much about spiderman is from watching a 5 year old “play” spiderman — and it IS the good stuff, so i’m ok with it. I do not believe that it’s from lack of exposure that they become obsessed — I believe it’s personality. My children don’t watch television either — but I KNOW that my son would be able to become obsessed about it — not from lack of exposure, but from his personality. He can sit and be drawn into just about anything ‘for hours on end’ — thankfully, that’s normally simple toys or books. My daugther on the other hand would never be tv obssesed right now — because she’s a people person and would need to find somebody to be with/play with/help with instead of being obsessed with the tv. I know so many believe it’s the sheltering away from it that causes obsessions with it — but from watching my children, I very much disagree. either way — it’s not coming into play 🙂

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