Week 15 of 52 { 2012 }

all caught up!

Day 99 :: She was so happy we finally made it out to the park. Smiles all around despite the exhaustion. all day I wanted to sneak away to make a phone call and in the end I forgot.

Day 100 :: They painted for way longer than I anticipated in the late afternoon. It was a lovely surprise.

Day 101 :: I needed sunshine today, but there was very little of it.

Day 102 :: At least dinner was delicious.

Day 103 :: Somedays, everything looks brighter. I’m thankful for those days. She said that when she has her very own garden, it will be all beets. She loved working and seeding today.

Day 104 :: every Friday he talks of mills that are now restaurants. The best part is how he pronounces it meal. Then he said he was pretty sure he could tell that was the kayak store cause the sign said ‘kayak store’. It read Trailhead.

Day 105 :: all of a sudden it was official and scary all at once. Fingers crossed this will be a wonderful adventure.


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