Week 14 of 52 { 2012 }

playing catchup!

Day 92 :: Sometimes, an uneventful day is the most you can ask for.

Day 93 :: She came home from the forest and said she wished she had worn her rubber boots. She asked me if I had suggested it, knowing very well what the answer would be.

Day 94 :: it was a grounding sort of day.

Day 95 :: naturally, the logs on the river are being floated to the local mill for shelves on their wall. Naturally.

Day 96 :: I realized that the house was completely quiet this afternoon for a short moment even though three of us were awake. It was a very odd sensation.

Day 97 :: she offered to give me hot cross buns so I didn’t have to make my own. After the sleep deprived week I thought it sounded lovely.

Day 98 :: a lovely day of friends, family and sunshine.


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