Week 13 of 52 { 2012 }

Day 85 :: She said all she needs is to spend three days and three nights at their house and she’ll know all the french words to speak it, all the time.

Day 86 :: he filled up the van when he went out with the kids after dinner. He knew it would make me happy.

Day 87 :: seems like this cold came as a bit of a reality check pushing expectations of could be to the side. Here and now. That’s what’s important.

Day 88 :: deep in daydreams. Perhaps it’s time to do something about them. Funny how being sick brings so many ideas. I think it’s the sitting still that does it. Now only if it also came with an extra dose of energy instead of the opposite.

Day 89 :: spent too much time thinking about the other side of the world today. Should have baked a cake instead.

Day 90 :: it’s incredible how sitting to read a book with them has the power to turn the day around.

Day 91 :: our quick late afternoon visit turned into a late bedtime. It was lovely.


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