Pink + Grey for Juliette

In January I knit another Milo vest for Juliette. This is my absolute favorite baby pattern, written by Georgie Hallam. I think all babies that live in cool weather should have one of these. or many. whichever. It’s the perfect layering piece when it gets cold. snug, like a hug. She has worn this little vest daily. (expect last week when it was summer. but now we’re back in spring and she’s back to wearing it)



I am trying to use stash yarn (because I have a large amount of stash yarn!) but I have next to no dk weight yarn in my stash…. so this vest ended up in the same yarn her last milo was in, the elephant one, last winter.

This become my favorite outfit this winter. at first it was an accident, and then it was on purpose. every second day or so quite possibly. Stripe obsessed, maybe. but how could you not be when it looks this cute?

And finally — her hat. This is the typical ‘Juliette + hat’ look. the pulling it off. or you might be lucky catching her putting it on, because she does love to put hats on. as long as they only stay on her head for 2.2 seconds. It’s the accordian hat by Amanda Keeys. Elizabeth has this same hat, bigger, in white + pink. It’s modified in that I made it taller than the pattern calls for because I wanted coverage, you know, for those 2.2 seconds she’s wearing it. I also made it with dk yarn, so had to change the stich count and such.


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