Springtime Knitting.

Springtime Knitting
Last week we went from winter to summer. This week, we’re comfortably back in spring. Well, today is a little cold to say comfortably back in spring. I like to feel my toes while wearing flipflops in the spring. Right now, they’d be freezing completely. Yes, this is how I measure weather. ‘how many minutes can I be outside in flipflops?’ And today the answer was ‘not even long enough to get the kids in the van’ and that’s not good.

It’s been one of those funny weeks so far. You know the ones where you look outside and you just want to RUN OUT because the sun is gorgeous and the snow has finally melted. And then you step out and realize that you first have to bundle up. It’s been that sort of week so far. Which is a good sort of week when you’re a knitting mama.

Springtime Knitting
Because otherwise, when would Juliette have worn this adorable outfit? We need those sort of days.

Springtime Knitting

Springtime Knitting
This is the Small Things Romper. I love this pattern. I knit one of these for Juliette when she was tiny, before she was even here. She came home from the hospital in incredibly cold temperatures wearing this outfit, also in green. This one is quite a bit bigger. This version is the 18 month version as opposed to the three month one. This version is green, just like the last one. Because soon enough, she’ll be telling me what colour to knit her stuff. And so for now, mama is embracing the end of the colour picking. Besides, this way she matches what i’m wearing about 96% of the time. You know, the important things.

Springtime Knitting

The hat is a modified version of the lovely Amanda Keey's pattern. More on this shortly.


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