Week 11 of 52 { 2012 }

Day 71 :: trampoline in t-shirts in the sunshine and a walk after dinner. Spring feels good.

Day 72 :: after hours of wet soaked-right-down-to-his-underwear fun in the forest he said ‘as soon as we get home I’m putting dry clothes on and jumping on the trampoline.’ and he did. They come in just to grab food and water these days.

Day 73 :: must clear the clutter. I’ve been taking small steps but it feels like I need a few sprints to help things along. I picked up a pile of negatives in my hands today and felt my heart skip a beat.

Day 74 :: I learned something about myself, introverts, motherhood and creativity. It makes so much more sense now.

Day 75 :: when I accidentally made walnut butter she said that at her farm they make walnut and honey butter and thought how wonderful that must taste. Out of the blue, hours later she said they also make almond and maple syrup butter.

Day 76 :: she came home with green nail polish and was on a high from having been out all day. He was on a high from staying home. Such opposites these two that are also so alike.

Day 77 :: a lovely Saturday. I’m starting to feel that pull of wanting to spend more time outside yet having lots to do inside.


One thought on “Week 11 of 52 { 2012 }

  1. This is so neat how you capture a moment from each week! I hear you with the kids only coming in to grab food and water… sounds like our house. Loving your first photo! I cannot believe how much snow you still have. Have a lovely week!

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