A Spring break well spent.

The kids attend a Waldorf inspired preschool two days a week and this past week was their spring break. Imagine my happiness that it ment an extra week of playing in the snow! (which is not always the case for spring break here) we were very much in need of a mini holiday/something different than our normal routine and I needed it to cost very little or nothing. Also, Adam is working and could not join us. Up to my parents we went!

spring break
Our first afternoon there, my niece came to stay the night and while it reminded me of how lovely one baby is at a time, it was lovely to see her — and the four kids had fun playing together!

spring break

spring break

We managed to send birthday greetings to my nephew in New Zealand from all of his Canadian cousins together which was fun.

spring break

spring break

spring break
That included delicious maple and oats cupcakes with maple frosting, made to celebrate his birthday.

My mom and I also got to Skype with him which was lovely. Not as lovely as being able to hug him, but oh how I live Skype and it’s amazing ability to make the world smaller, at least a few minutes at a time.

spring break

spring break
Also — the very last of the outdoor skating for the season… their first skate of the season was on this ice at christmas time, and his very last one as well! The ice wasn’t nice — at all — but it didn’t matter. If anything, the ruts made it less slippery — therefore he could give it his all without much care. The road was much more slippery than this surface! The two of us played hockey in the gorgeous sunshine.

Tomorrow… Our forest day! Stay tuned!


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