Week 10 of 52 { 2012 }

Day 64 :: she seemed so big at one point today and then she seemed so little again. Funny how that happens.

Day 65 :: chaos, exhaustion and pie.

Day 66 :: she made us lunch and he offered to clean the ice for the little skaters. I’m not sure if the highlight was the snowmobile, the four wheeler, the person who climbed all the way up the silo or the hockey game. Though I think it was the hockey. In 15 years he’ll still remember those hockey games.

Day 67 :: It’s a bittersweet day when your nephew turns one on the other side of the world and you’re not there to hug him. We spent his birthday having fun in the forest. I would imagine that if he was here, this might be how he would spend his birthdays.

Day 68 :: it was so mild today, it almost felt like it was her birthday. He made dinner and it was delicious. I could get used to that.

Day 69 :: sunshine, blue skies, music and giggles. Makes everything seem possible. It was a daydreaming sort of day.

Day 70 :: the long (long) overdue visit was lovely. She said she didn’t want to leave because she wanted to stay with her.


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