Week 9 of 52 { 2012 }

Day 57 :: the plan for today shifted to staying home ad playing in our own small corner of forest. We got to steal fresh-from-the-oven muffins. The deep forest doesn’t offer this perk.

Day 58 :: she played bride. Dress up time might be my favorite. And she plays it daily, often multiple times a day.

Day 59 :: He said ‘mama, you start a lot of things you never ever ever finish. Like lots. ‘ (while looking at some of my knitting) and just like that, he’s got me all figured out.

Day 60 :: he said ‘good news mama! I found a kayak!’ while looking through a Costco magazine. He was so excited. She said that while she knows it doesn’t sound french to me, her body is working very hard at speaking french.

Day 61 :: she said ‘mama, I forget. Were you born when there were dinasaurs?’. And then she waited not so patiently by the phone to hear the words ‘your turn. Get ready to go skiing’.

Day 62 :: She says ‘and this is my next story…’ and smiles follow. Every time. Without fail.

Day 63 :: we watched the blustery snow fall outside and we were thankful we decided to stay home. We can wish her a happy eighty first birthday in a few days.


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