Pants and more pants.


action shot.

Introducing the fifth pair of quick change trousers from Handmade Beginnings by Anna Maria Horner I’ve made. And they’re not going to be the last, that’s for sure. I love this pattern. The first pair I made were Juliette’s travel pants. I made them last March and thought I’d be lucky if they fit her until our return from New Zealand at the end of May. it’s February, almost a year, and she’s still wearing them. Granted, she’s small — very small even — so that might explain it. They’re still just as adorable. They fit over her cloth diapers beautifully — perhaps that’s my favorite part.


In November, I made her new ones. I thought ‘since I made the last one in MARCH when she was 2 months old, and made the 3-6 mths size I should probably just make her the 12mth size now” Nope. I was quite wrong. They’re huge on her. So it’s like a bonus pair of pants for future wear. Today I finally made her a 9 month pair. and I love them. They’re my favorite of all the ones i’ve made. Unfortunately, I know they will not hold up well to the wash … the colour will fade dramatically, but so be it. The dark side of these pants was made using most of the rest of an old skirt of mine that i’ve now repurposed for both my girls. Elizabeth got a top and a dress. Juliette, adorable pants.

In true one-year-old fashion, she wouldn’t stand still for a few snaps, of course. And so she told the story of the three little pigs at the top of her lungs while giggling like crazy and bouncing from chair to sofa and back again. She’s a happy little one, that’s for sure.


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