on creating something important

Juliette celebrated her first birthday in January. Naturally, that meant I should sew her a doll. My niece also turned one, the following day. Naturally, she also got a handmade doll. My nephew is turning one in a week or so, on the other side of the world, and he is sadly not getting one of these. I became overly ambitious in ‘all that I could make Félix’ since one of my aunts and lovely cousin were going to be visiting him (I mean them, and their country of course. but come on, I’m sure they’re happy they get to cuddle my nephew too!) Anyways — all that to say that sadly, his doll did not get completed. I will see him in July — and surely, by July, I will manage to complete it! (who wants to place bets on me sewing the day they arrive?? odds are good!)


Elizabeth, the dollmaker.

And so here you have — Juliette & Arianne’s adorable dolls. I love making these — so much. I love sewing in general — starting with a piece of fabric, flat and uninteresting other than it’s design and transforming it into something beautiful and/or useful. But dollmaking is something else all together. You start with cozy materials such as soft cottons and wool and with your hands turn it into something that has character. a personality even to little ones. they come to life and are so much more than fabric + wool. soooo much more. For Juliette, everytime she picks up her little doll she hugs her and kisses her. just like that. most likely because we pick her up and kiss her all the time. Elizabeth and Alexandre incorporate her in stories. She belongs, just like that. just last month she was just a pile of cotton + wool.



Alexandre the other day asked me if I could make him another doll. He would like one to name Alexandre and he thinks that Elizabeth should have one to name Elizabeth. of course. and Juliette should get another new one to name…. Juliette. This one is refered to as little lou, Juliette’s ‘pet’ name coined by Alexandre, out of the blue one day — but it has stuck in this family and that is how we often call her. I’m thinking of making more of these little lous. They’re sooo cute.

I hope that Arianne’s doll will have similar stories. I hope that she will be strung along for wonderful adventures. tucked in bed or in sleeping bags as I remember doing with Elizabeth & Alexandre’s dolls summers gone by. They’ve joined us at the cottage, on the beach, you name it. They’re important.

To think that we can create something important out of cotton & wool and our two hands. pretty fabulous if you ask me.

Notes :: the green one is little lou. The pink/purple one is Arianne’s. Little lou DOES have hands now, I just don’t have a photo of it with hands! In true child-of-the-crafter fashion, she did recieve her birthday gift without hands. I thought ‘what’s the worse that can happen? she eats a little wool??’ but no wool was ingested/removed from doll… and hands were sewn on carefully.


4 thoughts on “on creating something important

  1. The dolls are so sweet. Is there a pattern, or book that you followed to create these? I would love to make a couple for my daughters.

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