Seasonal Clock

On Friday night we got snow. Lots of snow. Well, in reality, it probably isn’t very much snow for an end of February but for this particular winter, it’s lots. Adam said ‘you realize this is all your fault? You wanted this’. Yes. I did. You’re welcome.

I went on to explain that my body’s seasonal clock needed this. Surely, I cannot be the only one. Not only do I love snow because of how much fun it can be and how beautiful it makes our surroundings, I also need it. For weeks I have felt like we were heading into spring at warp speed and couldn’t stop it. I don’t think my seasonal clock has ever felt so challenged, even when I missed most of spring one year while I was in Guatemala. I’ve blogged in the past about how lovely a spring day can be in winter. or a summer day in spring. But this winter has simply been confused with spring.

He doesn’t share this intensity. It’s ok. Soon enough spring will come and we’ll be putting all the winter stuff away. And I think that when that happens my body will be ok with it. Because it will be time for spring. Not spring-when-it’s-really-supposed-to-be-winter.

The kids were very happy to see (way) more snow. Alexandre will be especially sad when then snow leaves. Spring is always fantastic — and wonderfully wet and muddy — but there’s something about snow. deep snow. And the snowballs. And the snowshoes. And the skis. And the skates. And the sleds. They’re bound to forget how much they miss the snow the second they jump in those spring puddles — I think that perhaps that’s the seasonal clocks at work as well. Always loving some part of the current season the very most.




We went snowshoeing in our back yard yesterday. I wanted to go to the park, deep deep in the forest. like SUPER deep — but that wasn’t going to happen with three kiddos so I thought deep in the forest would be lovely instead. I over planned last week and didn’t get it all done so I had to change Sunday’s plan to include a whole lot of cooking — and so I decided that perhaps not very deep at all, but still in the trees would be just right. It turns out it is absolutely just right since Alexandre loves snowshoeing a whole lot more than Elizabeth. This way she could just go inside when she was done.





We had fun, soaked up a whole lot of sunshine and fresh air. (and some of us snacked on snow!)

Have I mentioned how happy the snow has made me?

Notes: These photographs were all shot in our yard. Second very important note: if you haven’t clicked on the above links mentioning the seasons, you should. The kids were TINY!!!!


One thought on “Seasonal Clock

  1. We bought snowshoes for the first time this winter and have not had a chance to use them. We have had more snow before Thanksgiving than we have had after. It has been a very strange winter for us and my children are so confused because people south of us have snow and we do not. I too am feeling out of sorts and wish that we had had a winter that was more true to the winter’s of the past. It looks as though I will have to embrace an early spring and hope for snow next year (and hope the snowshoes still fit my kids!)

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