Week 8 of 52 { 2012 }

Day 50 :: the delicious dinner seem to melt the stresses away.

Day 51 :: three hours in the gorgeous sunshine and fresh air. Does a lot of good to one’s soul.

Day 52 :: we talked about all the veggies we would buy this summer as we drove by the dormant farm stand. And of Terry Fox. Both typical conversations on our way to school.

Day 53 :: soaking steel cut oats for tomorrows breakfast, black beans for tomorrow’s dinner and washing diapers while knitting. I felt connected to a different era. I wonder what my ancestors would think of the Internet. Or that my fireplace turns on with a switch.

Day 54 :: She said ‘maman, good thing you got pregnant and had us. Otherwise who would be helping you?’. Yes. I think it will be years before she realizes how good of a thing it really is.

Day 55 :: I had to brush snow off the van for the first time this winter. The blizzard-like driving this afternoon was made bearable by my excitement that it was finally snowing.

Day 56 :: My procrastination kept me from playing in the fresh snow today and frustrated me for hours. I wonder if I’ll ever learn?


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