{this moment}

{this moment}
{a looks-like-winter but feels-like-spring moment. I hope we get more snow. They’re soooo not ready to say bye to winter.}

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9 thoughts on “{this moment}

  1. Yes it does 🙂 though it’s typically been covered by a bit of ice and snow so they hadn’t been on in a while. I think they’re going to miss the ease of getting on by climbing the snow first 🙂

  2. What a great moment! That pretty much sums up how our winter has been too, though you have way more snow than we do!

    Our moment this week comes from my youngest daughter’s fourth birthday. She refused to admit she was four until after the birthday ring ceremony! All day long she had said it was her birthday but she kept saying she was not four until this very moment!

    Have a great weekend!

  3. Visiting via SouleMama. This moment is great! I think it would be so fun to jump off and onto the snow surrounding. I love how you’ve captured them so low in the shot with the trees massive above them. And the snow capped house… too cute! Have a lovely weekend!

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