Week 7 of 52 { 2012 }

Day 43 :: I ran 6 1/2 km while staring outside thankful I didn’t have to brave the cold. My knitting has me wondering if she’ll love green, like me. Or be more like her sister who borrowed four books from the library this week because they were pink.

Day 44 :: she slept in the sunshine on me at the hill again. I wondered when we might get proper snow. There’s so little of it.

Day 45 :: I rushed all day to get dinner and surprises all organized. It was fabulously worth it.

Day 46 :: He said it was too bad I wouldn’t be able to do cool stuff in the beautiful snow today. When I said I could spend hours outside he said it wouldn’t be as cool as them. Cause they wouldn’t be here. It starts so young this idea that grownups are not cool.

Day 47 :: She was giddy with giggles at the surprise weekend getaway that it made the mad rush worth it. And then we realized we had to stay home.

Day 48 :: She said she floated for eight hundred minutes without help and it made me wish I could have floated for a fraction of that time. he made dinner while I drank hot tea.

Day 49 :: a day of very few accomplishments. and very little energy. it felt like a rainy day, without the rain.


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