Happy {Heart}

Happy {heart}

Yesteday, we celebrated Valentine’s Day. I know that many have issues with this holiday, claiming it to be a commercialized day entirely — but I refuse to believe it. It’s absolutely been overly commercialized — I agree. But I don’t buy into that part of the holiday.

Happy {heart}

Happy {heart}

Happy {heart}

Happy {heart}
The kids and I spent parts of Monday, on and off, working on their valentines for their friends. We decided that writting ‘Happy [heart]’ was going to be MUCH more productive than attempting to write ‘Happy Valentine’s Day’ 14 times each.

Happy {heart}

Happy {heart}

Happy {heart}
When they came home from school yesterday, they were happy to find to chalkboard placemats on the table. I painted wood cutouts that I bought (before christmas. because I thought this was going to be a christmas gift. On dec. 23rd I thought ‘no, i don’t have time. lets make it a Valentine’s day gift’. Sure enough, I was painting them on Valentine’s Day. So predictable this procrastination of mine.) They loved them.

Happy {heart}
Then they helped with the rest of the dinner preperations. We made heart shapped pizza, each a personalized one. Always a hit – and they do eat it better this way. (the personalized part. not the heart shaped.) and for desert we had heart shaped tortillas with fruit salsa. Delicious. There would have been a delicious heart shaped chocolate cake if only I had remembered to pick up eggs. oops.

it was a lovely lovely evening spent with those we love. Nothing commercial about it.

Speaking of love… I’ve added a list of {… Current Inspiring Links …) on the right hand side that I hope to keep updating with inspiring finds as I come accross them. Not just a list of blogs, but a list of my favorite posts instead.

I hope that your valentine’s day was filled with love!


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